Music - Dance - Drama - Oh My!

Children with Disabilities Love The Arts Too


Arts programs serve as an integral part of recreational therapy however, they’re not medically classified as therapy and not covered by insurance, making them un-affordable to most families of children with disabilities. Access to the arts can lead to eventual career opportunities in fields were people with disabilities remain under-represented and existing programs, even in schools, are often exclusionary to children with disabilities or simply just don’t exist in local communities.

We will provide easy access to, experience and learning opportunities in all art forms including

  • All forms of dance including ballet, modern, hip-hop, lyrical 
  • modeling
  • music - vocal and instrumental
  • drama theater arts
  • fine arts including drawing and painting
  • graphic arts
  • creative writing
  • song writing
  • acting, film, media, directing and production

We will provide workshops and classes by experienced teachers and instructor volunteers from each industry and utilize accessible and inclusive technologies

Providing children with disabilities early and continuous access to and  opportunities in the arts enable them to carry that experience into their therapy and  forward, towards high school and college admissions and give them more scholarship opportunities and career choices in industries that are unrepresented by the disability community. 

Funding Arts Programs is a Priceless Gift

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