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What better first job for Julianna Rose Children's Foundation kids then providing them with in-house employment opportunities, truly embodying our RAISE THEM UP mission. Embodying Julianna Rose Children's Foundations Mission to design programs for children with disabilities that start, stay and raise them up from diagnosis to college age and beyond truly comes full circle when we can not only provide medically required therapies to keep kids strong in body, but also provide academic programs to make and keep them strong in mind so eventually, we can also provide them a place of employment  

Motivation For Academic Success and completion of higher education goals– We will keep kids motivated to achieve their very best in all ways; physically, socially, academically and in their daily lives, through college and beyond and provide them opportunities to help themselves and others by providing them with opportunities, at all levels, to become part of Julianna Rose Children’s Foundation Centers, from child ambassadors to teen spokespeople and tutors to adult counselors, therapists, tutors, administrators and executive board members and returning professionals to hold their own workshops and motivational speaking events at  our centers. 

Knowing they can become part of our organization, as both paid career employees and/or volunteers, will keep them motivated to continue their, often life long, rehabilitation therapy, meet their academic goals and become viable members of any organization, in any profession they choose. 

We look forward to all Julianna Rose Children’s Foundation Centers being run by people with disabilities and always having representation, advocacy and voices representing all disabilities by people with disabilities, regardless of type or form, age, race, sexual orientation or gender. 

We will also aid in securing other non JRCF summer, part time or full-time employment and community volunteerism geared, when known and possible; to the fields of the child’s career choice; provide interview skills, resume writing, letters of recommendation, and interview presentation assistance and workshops

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Worker at desk

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