Kids With Disabilities Go To College - Sometimes

Just eleven percent Of Undergraduate Students - At All Levels Have A Disability

Providing early – age appropriate - academic support to young students in general is essential for academic success. There is a tremendous effort to push girls into S.T.E.M. classes and clubs, because they remain under-represented in those fields, an effort that now starts in elementary and middle schools and continues through high school with the hopes many will pursue college degrees in those fields and even-out the male-to-female scales in career representation. There are also efforts made to recruit high school athletes by college teams, while the best and brightest of high school students, who do well on their SAT's, seemingly have their pick of universities and there are programs to support academically at-risk students from low income families.

But where are the programs to  support students with disabilities who aren't athletes, not the best or brightest, not from low income families or not at-risk academically. Who is recruiting them? Where is the movement to even out the disabled-to-non-disabled scales of representation.  We won't argue the fact the under IDEA children with disabilities receive services in school, to support them academically, however, the question is, are these programs designed to get kids with disabilities through school only or to help them be successful enough to continue onto higher education and gainful employment. That seems to be where the breakdown occurs.

The National Center for Education Statistics sites the differences in the employment and not-in-labor-force percentages between persons with and without disabilities as substantial, amounting to about 50 percentage points each. 

Julianna Rose Children's Foundation will work to ensure children with disabilities have access and opportunity to achieve and succeed not just to high school, but through high school and beyond. 

Our High School To College Programs Will Include:

  • Personal career workshops, for all ages, to explore and introduce kids to the possibility of careers options, and teach them the connection between their own likes, interests and hobbies and actual careers and help them know the necessary academic goals they need to make their dream POSSIBLE!
  • Hosting career workshops for high school age students that will include guest speakers from various industries
  • Create inclusive mentoring programs between individuals from those industries and students with disabilities 
  • Provide continued academic support to children with disabilities in and after high school and through completion of undergraduate studies. 
  • Provide free State Test Prep, Regents, ACT and SAT test prep classes
  • Offer grants and scholarships for tuition, books, accessible college room,board and transportation
  • Provide durable medical equipment and adaptive assistive technology to help make the possibility of a college degree POSSIBLE!

The importance of supporting high school students with disabilities can not be stressed enough when only 11% of all students enrolled at all levels of undergraduate studies nationwide are identified as having a disability and just 9% of those are between the ages of 15 and 23 especially when compared to a single year of public school students with disabilities rate of 13%


Your generous donation will support and help children with disabilities attain college educations and degrees - helping to better their futures.

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