Imagination + Creativity = Innovation

Children with disabilities are often some of the most imaginative and creative minds - overlooked


Some of the greatest minds of our generation have close personal connections to mental health and physical disabilities. That did not stop them from becoming world changing Innovators

It is said the saddest thing in life is wasted talent, wasted intelligence or wasted natural gifted ability. Except, it seems when those meeting that criteria have disabilities and especially if they're children with disabilities. 

We know there is potential in all children of all abilities and we want to encourage and nurture their potential in all ways, including using their own, special and unique, imaginations to help themselves and perhaps help others along the way.

Our therapists will teach parents and caregivers creative, fun and innovative ways to

  • include carryover therapy at home, incorporated into their child’s daily life and teach children to independently incorporate carry over therapies on their own and provide them with necessary adaptive equipment, devices and technology to do so; 
  • will encourage each child to become the next generation of great thinkers, inventors and problem solvers by helping them create their own adaptive equipment, tools, apps, robotics and A.I. based on their ideas for their best way of getting things done 
  • and help them share their ideas and teach their methods to others within our centers and community 
  • will arrange for kids to work with mentors to perhaps turn their idea into tangible products that will help others while at the same time, providing a career opportunity for themselves. 

Our Imaginative Innovation Program is a standard part of all our programs and children will be encouraged to think about every aspect of what they're doing in their therapy and activity programs and how they would make it better, different or something completely new

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