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Nothing is impossible, you can do anything, no matter what people say, even when they say you can't, won't or will never be able to do or be... just find a way to do it your way ~ Rosemarie Rinaldo  

We Pledge To help parents and caregivers to raise their children with disabilities up from diagnosis to college-age and beyond. To always teach and show children with disabilities the possibility of whatever they want to do or be is - Possible!  

We pledge this because too often children in general and especially those with disabilities aren't given the opportunity to see what they can do or be or achieve, simply because others don't believe it's possible. We believe that children are amazing and should always be given, taught and shown the possibilities and helped to make them possible, because the only thing sadder than an adult telling a child what they can do or be is a child who believes it and never has the opportunity to prove otherwise.

We pledge to help kids embrace who they are, to own themselves, to take pride in whatever their differences may be and to know self-empowerment, self-confidence, self-respect, self-acceptance and self-love and love.

We pledge to continue to raise awareness and educate about pediatric stroke, cerebral palsy and all pediatric brain injury causes and effects and co-occurring conditions and provide support to children and families.

And above all else, we pledge to help kids with disabilities, regardless of cause or type, to achieve their goals and to be the very best version of themselves as is possible – strong in mind, strong in body, strong in character and overall good humans.

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When children with disabilities are shown the possibilities, they can make them happen, their way.

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